Lunch In Hall

Fancy having a spot of lunch in Hall?  Want to take advantage of the Inn’s 30% student discount?  Worried that you’ll get chucked out for wearing neon hi-tops, going the wrong way down the buffet line or sitting in a QC’s usual spot?

Fear not. The MTSA is here to help.  Our handy step-by-step guide to lunch in hall will help you avoid looking like a lost sheep/the student that you are.

(1)  First things first, don’t worry about being suited and booted.  Thankfully, jeans are permitted (as long as they’re not ripped).  However, sneakers – even those whose clashing colours remind the world that although you may have opted for an Establishment Career you’re still an alterno at heart – won’t get you past the porters.

(2)  Walk into hall with confidence!  (However, best avoid swaggering ’til you get tenancy.)  If you’re with a couple of friends, you can always reserve your seats by crossing the cutlery on the placemat.

(3)  Make your way to the end of the buffet line and choose your meal.  There is always a good selection of dishes on offer, with a excellent choice of mains, salads and soups (a classic student option – cheap and very cheerful, and we’ve heard the free bread they come with is a winner).

(4)  Take the itemised bill given to you by a staff member.

(5)  Enjoy your meal over sparkling conversation and witty banter with fellow students.

(6)  As you leave hall, make your way to the cashier situated near the exit to Hall on the left and on production of your Middle Temple ID card, the cashier will deduct 30% off the entire lunch bill.  Both card and cash are accepted for payment.


Yes folks, that’s right – a whopping one third off your bill.  Take advantage while you still can!  What’s more, Hall is also running a loyalty scheme: if you buy nine meals, the tenth is free.  (This is on production of a card which is stamped with every visit to lunch in Hall provided there is a minimum spend of £10. The cards can be obtained from the cashier. The promotion runs until the end of July this year.)