All students are required to keep twelve qualifying sessions before Call to the Bar, although the twelfth qualifying session can be Call night itself. Dining in Hall is the still the main method to accumulate these qualifying sessions, but attendance at an Advocacy Weekend, Education Days and an Introduction Weekend for those students attending the BVC courses outside London also count. In addition certain educational events may also be accredited.

The Dining Terms are called Hilary, Easter, Trinity and Michaelmas. Before each term a Fixtures List is published, indicating what is happening on any given night. The twelve qualifying sessions should be attended no more than five years before Call.

Attendance at Qualifying Sessions in Hall is recorded by the porters who collect students’ tickets and mark their names on their list as having attended. The onus is on students to hand in their tickets and thus to make sure that their attendance goes on record.

Students must stay until after the second grace on an ordinary dining night and until after the end of the complete programme at events such as moots, debates, music nights etc. If there are exceptional circumstances which necessitate individuals to leave early, this must be cleared before the event with the Treasury Office. A telephone call will not suffice: we require an email which needs to be acknowledged.