About MTSA

The Middle Temple Students’ Association (MTSA) is the definitive body representing the interests of the student members of Middle Temple. We currently provide both educational and social opportunities to complement the vocational stages of training to become a barrister. Membership is therefore primarily aimed at those undertaking the BPTC.

However, we do have participants who are final year Law degree students or those undertaking the Graduate Diploma in Law. Although formally we are here to support you up until the point of call to the Bar, we are also keen to support you in obtaining pupillage or employment. Our activities are aimed at three core areas; advocacy (including mooting and debating), social events and pupillage preparation.

Administration of the MTSA falls to the 14-member committee who meet at least twice a month. The committee will often set up sub-committees to promote specific projects and allow for day-to-day management. The operation of the MTSA is governed by a constitution and elections for committee positions are held annually in September.

Members of the elected committee are also given the opportunity to participate in the committee structure of Middle Temple itself. Members from MTSA are present to give the views of current and former students, especially in respect of the Inn’s response to any consultations issued by the Ministry of Justice and the Bar Standards Board in relation to any changes to the current system of training.

Members are encouraged to contact their student representative at first instance with any queries, if they are unable to contact them then please email another member of the committee.